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Academy of Medical Education Scholars (AMES)

Department of Medical Education

The Academy of Medical Educational Scholars (AMES) is an expression of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s (UMMSM) commitment to the continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship in the health professions. AMES resides within the Department of Medical Education and works closely with the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and the Gordon Center for Simulation.


A thriving community of dedicated and scholarly educators empowered and inspired to address important issues in medical education for the physicians of tomorrow. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the UMMSM AMES is to foster excellence in teaching, encourage curricular design innovation, support the pursuit of rigorous educational scholarship, mentor and inspire future education leaders, and recognize, reward, and promote our outstanding educators.


  1. Provide mentorship to faculty and trainees whose academic focus is medical education 
  2. Advance the art and science of teaching and learning
  3. Support professional development and career advancement of all medical education faculty 
  4. Promote and disseminate innovations in curriculum development/evaluation and best practices in medical education research
  5. Foster a culture of community among educators in which we learn with and from each other 
  6. Provide peer assessment and evaluation of teaching.
  7. Recognize and reward excellence in medical education
  8. Provide institutional guidance on criteria for the promotions and tenure process that recognize the value and impact of education