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Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Our Mission is to support you as a member of the Miller School faculty—to achieve your career goals, guide you through the promotions process, and assure that you feel welcomed and valued as a unique and valued faculty member. READ FULL MESSAGE
Joan St. Onge, M.D.

Joan E. St. Onge, MD, MPH

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Faculty Directory Information

  • What is Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures)

  • How do I log in to my Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) account?

  • I am a faculty member who has a profile and would like my administrative staff to manage my Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) profile. How do I grant them access?

  • I am a faculty member at Miller School of Medicine, but I am having difficulty logging on to my Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) profile. Where do I submit a support request?

  • I, or someone in my team needs training on how to use Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures). How do we receive training?

  • Which internet browser should be used?

Appointment Promotion and Tenure

Understanding the process and requirements for promotion is a key to success. The information presented will outline the expectations for faculty applying for promotion on all tracks.
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