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Culture Change

Under the leadership of Dean Henri Ford, the Miller School of Medicine has engaged in a culture change (C-Change) initiative to create an environment where faculty feel energized by their work and supported to develop personally and professionally. We know institutional culture affects faculty vitality, trust and inclusion, work-life balance, values alignment, and equality and the Miller School is committed to improving the experience for all members of our community.

C Change Video Introduction

Dean Henri Ford and faculty recap the Miller School of Medicine's Culture Change initiative.


  • Goal 1: Perform an assessment of the Miller School culture, using the validated C-Change Faculty Survey from Brandeis University.
  • Goal 2: Communicate broadly, and through multiple venues, the results of the survey.
  • Goal 3: Create large, diverse teams to take a deep dive into the data and develop a series of short-term, medium-term, and long-term priorities.
  • Goal 4: Create smaller teams to support the initiative and drive its progress. Specifically, teams will develop tactics to address the multiple priorities and identify individuals to oversee the work.


October 2018 – December 2018
Dean Ford engaged Brandeis University leadership to survey the Miller School faculty in October 2018 about their experiences at the medical school. Sixty-two percent of the faculty participated.

January 2019 – April 2019
The Brandeis team analyzed the data and Dr. Linda Pololi presented the results in January 2019 in multiple venues to the Miller School faculty. The survey results identified five themes:

  1. mentoring
  2. gender equity
  3. research faculty
  4. diversity
  5. institutional factors

We issued a request for volunteers and 150 faculty responded to participate on one or more of five C-Change Action Teams. The Action Teams developed 153 recommendations for culture improvement.

May 2019 – August 2019
A Steering Committee consisting of the Dean and the leaders of the Action Teams sorted the 85 quick-win recommendations into four domains:
  1. institutional culture
  2. research and development
  3. compensation
  4. faculty affairs and professional development

In August 2019, Dean Ford shared with the Faculty Council the organizational framework for prioritizing the recommendations and moving forward with addressing the quick-wins. A faculty leader oversees each domain to develop tactics for meeting the priorities and managing the process.

September 2019 – December 2019

Dean Ford has kept the faculty-at-large updated as to progress through regular email communications, departmental meetings, Faculty Council meetings, and so forth.

Steering Committee and Domain Teams

The C-Change Steering Committee and four domain teams focus on the areas identified by the C-Change Action Teams as opportunities for improving the culture at the Miller School.

C-Change Steering Committee Page 1
Compensation Page 1
Faculty Affairs and Professional Development Page 1
Institutional Culture Page 1
Research and Development Page 1

C-Change Newsletter

In order to frequently communicate and keep you abreast of our progress, please see C-Change Newsletter.

Contact Us

If you have a story of progress or suggestion related to this initiative, please email We will share your feedback directly with the Steering Committee charged with managing the C-Change initiative's progress. We look forward to hearing from you.