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Culture Change

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine seeks to promote an inclusive, affirming, and energizing environment for our faculty.

In 2018, we engaged Brandeis University to conduct a culture change (C-Change) survey to gather feedback and find effective ways to support our faculty. The survey results became our framework for change, and our dedicated action committees have implemented many important transformations.

C-Change Means Opportunity for All

There's listening that's happening


It made me very hopeful

We changed the philosophy


Steering Committee and Domain Teams

The C-Change Steering Committee and four domain teams focus on the areas identified by the C-Change Action Teams as opportunities for improving the culture at the Miller School.

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Work Environment Page 1
Faculty Affairs and Professional Development Page 1
Institutional Culture Page 1
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Contact Us

If you have a story of progress or suggestion related to this initiative, please email We will share your feedback directly with the Steering Committee charged with managing the C-Change initiative's progress. We look forward to hearing from you.

For all other information please feel free to examine the intranet online resource.