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Scholarly Activities

Medical Education Department

Submission of Scholarly Activities

One of the missions of the Department of Medical Education (DOME) is to help create and support a culture of educational research, scholarship, and innovation, including developing faculty to initiate, promote, and sustain educational research. To support this mission, the DOME is creating a database of scholarly activities that will serve as a repository to document and promote faculty achievement. This online form has been developed to collect this information.

Submit your scholarly activity here.

New Ideas in Medical Education

The Department of Medical Education (DOME) encourages the exploration and development of new ideas in medical education. This submission form will help guide you through the description of your new idea/innovative approach in medical education.  Your submission will be reviewed by DOME faculty who will provide constructive feedback and guidance on how to bring your idea forward into scholarly project. You are encouraged to submit ideas/innovations that are novel, rather than identical approaches applied in a slightly different context. These may include, but are not limited to: new ideas in curriculum design, teaching practice, application of new technology, assessment, or evaluation.

Submit your new ideas in Medical Education here.


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