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Externships Services

Office of Medical Education

The Miller School allows students to receive credit for Outgoing Externships Opportunities using the AAMC’s Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) software. Students may also receive credit for Outgoing Externship Opportunities outside of VSLO, but these opportunities are subject to additional requirements.

To participate for Outgoing Externship Opportunities students must:

  1. Be in good academic and professional standing
  2. Have an active student status and show enrollment
  3. Successfully complete their 3rd year/Phase 2 core clerkships
  4. Successfully remediate any outstanding course requirements prior to the externship (e.g. shelf remediation, remediation of clinical time, etc.)

Applying for Externships

International Externships:

Prior to approval for any foreign experiences (credit or non-credit), the student must complete all of the pre-departure forms (available from the Office of Student Affairs). For MD/ MPH students traveling for capstone related work, students should reach out to the Public Health Department to initiate the approval process. Please see UMMSM Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for full information. 

  • Academic credit will be granted for an international clinical experiences through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunity (VSLO) program.  The international travel forms described above must still be provided.   
  • If seeking academic credit for an international clinical experience outside of the VLSO program, approval will be required from the Associate Dean for Curriculum.  To obtain approval. Students must submit the following:   
    • Location/ institution for the clinical experience 
    • Dates of experience 
    • Written goals/ objectives for the experience 
    • Description of responsibilities to be assumed by the student during the experience 
    • Need for additional preparation prior to, support during, and follow-up after the elective 
    • Name(s) of the individual(s) who will be supervising the student in addition to the level and quality of supervision to be provided 
    • Name of the individual who will be submitting a grade of Pass or Fail along with a narrative evaluation of the student’s performance 
    • Institutional policies in place to ensure the safety of the UMMSM student 

Student Post Externship Feedback