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Genomic medicine is increasingly becoming an integral part of patient care with the use of predictive clinical sequencing, pharmacogenetics and whole genome analysis.

The four-year, dual degree M.D./M.S. program — offered in collaboration with the Miller School’s John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics — is designed for medical students seeking to integrate this ever-expanding field into their medical practice. 

What will you accomplish in our M.D./M.S. in Genomic Medicine program?

  • Study human genetics, family history, diagnostic genomic tests, high-throughput sequencing, pharmacogenomics and the newest genomic concepts and approaches.
  • Gain access to integrated and innovative training in both clinical and human genomics.
  • Complete self-directed online coursework coupled with in-person, small-group learning sessions for smooth integration into your medical school schedule.
  • Analyze and interpret genome sequence data through hands-on learning experiences.
  • Complete a Capstone experience, featuring clinical case description and individual research projects.
  • Prepare for leadership in the adoption and integration of genomic knowledge and methodology in routine clinical care

How can you apply for the M.D./M.S. in Genomic Medicine program?

  • Application is due by November 1 each year.
  • Applicants must be accepted first year medical students at the Miller School. The first block of M.S. courses begins in the 2 academic semester of the first year of medical school.
  • Academic prerequisites are the same as those for the standard M.D. program.

Interested in learning more?

Please contact Laura Aladro, program coordinator at