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The Neuropsychology Clinical Service provides comprehensive assessment of cognitive and emotional functioning using standardized tests. The evaluation includes assessment of intellectual abilities, language, attention, memory, judgment and reasoning, visuospatial/constructive skills, executive functions and motor abilities, as well as mood and personality. Inpatient evaluations can also be arranged. Screening, intermediate and extensive testing batteries are available depending on the referral question.

The Neuropsychology Clinical Service offers evaluations which can be useful in differential diagnosis, establishing baseline level of cognitive functioning, patient care management and treatment planning. The results can provide objective information relating to an individual’s potential for rehabilitation, return to work or ability to function independently.

Referrals for clinical neuropsychological evaluation may be arranged by physicians, other health care professionals, the prospective patient or family members. Our network of referral services includes neurology, psychiatry, social work services, cognitive rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

Common Reasons for Referral

  • Memory & attention problems
  • Dementia vs. depression
  • Basic intellectual functioning (IQ)
  • Pre and post surgical evaluations for epilepsy surgical intervention
  • Deep brain stimulation surgical evaluations
  • Mild cognitive impairment
  • Normal aging vs. early dementia
  • Cognitive effects of toxic exposure, substance abuse or medications
  • Evaluate the role of emotional factors on cognitive well-being
  • Cognitive sequelae of neuromuscular and demyelinating disease
  • Recovery of function (head injury, stroke)
  • Seizure disorders evaluations
  • Unexplained cognitive change
  • Disability & competency evaluations


For more information, or to make an appointment, call our patient care coordinator (Wilma) at: 305-243-7529

1120 NW 14th Street
Clinical Research Building
13th Floor
Miami, Florida 33136