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HIV/AIDS and Emerging Infectious Diseases Institute (HEIDI) 


The HIV/AIDS and Emerging Infectious Diseases Institute (HEIDI) is dedicated to identifying and supporting highly innovative HIV/AIDS prevention and cure research with the goal of understanding, preventing, and treating HIV for a zero-transmissions future. Miami is the epicenter of the United States’ HIV/AIDS epidemic accounting for one third of new HIV diagnoses in the State of Florida (FLDOH). The Institute acknowledges support from the State of Florida Funding Initiative in line with state and national Ending the Epidemic efforts.

Research Resources 

HEIDI is proud to provide researchers the opportunities to connect with highly recognized national, state, and local resources for additional development and mentoring in the field of HIV/AIDs and infectious diseases. 
Research Resources

HIV Prevention Resources

HEIDI believes in a multi-tiered approach to ending the HIV epidemic, which is why we are enthusiastic supporters of prevention initiatives under Dr. Susanne Doblecki-Lewis, MD, founder of the Mobile PrEP Program at the University of Miami. 
Prevention Resources

To succeed in ending the HIV epidemic, the Institute’s cure research and prevention initiatives need continued support. Your donations play a vital role in getting us one step closer. 

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