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Message from the Chair

Department of Orthopaedics

The Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is the only university-based, full service, and multi-disciplinary orthopaedic department in South Florida. All of our physicians are fellowship-trained. Our mission is to provide excellent musculoskeletal care to patients in need, to teach and train the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons, to perform innovative research that is responsive to the needs of orthopaedic patients, and to give back to our South Florida community.

Since it was first designated as a department in 1970, our team has provided the most advanced patient care with the goal of helping more people regain function and lead more active and fulfilling lives. Each year, our doctors provide care through more than 70,000 outpatient visits, 9,000 orthopaedic emergency room visits, and more than 7,800 surgical procedures.

Our orthopaedic training program shapes the training of 35 residents and seven fellows in hand, musculoskeletal oncology, sports medicine, and spine. We are currently regarded among the best training programs in the country. Our graduating residents are successful in matching to the very best fellowship programs. In addition to learning to diagnose and treat patients with musculoskeletal problems, our residents and fellows are also expected to perform research to advance the field of medicine.

Today, musculoskeletal research is at the precipice of major breakthroughs that likely will change and simplify the way bone and joint disorders are treated – and prevented – throughout the world.

The Department of Orthopaedics is at the vanguard of these studies:

  • Developing stem cells to treat musculoskeletal disorders
  • Relieving back pain and sciatica
  • Perfecting techniques for reconstructing severe leg bone loss secondary to trauma
  • Refining microsurgery for reattaching hand and finger amputations
  • Assessing osteoporosis using commonly available imaging studies
  • Perfecting methods of replacing bone destroyed by cancer
  • Trying to prevent metastasis of sarcomas
  • And more