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Schiff Center for Liver Diseases

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The Schiff Center for Liver Diseases is funded by grants as well as generous donations from our patients, their families, and our community partners. Here you can find all the information about our donation needs and goals and how you can contribute to our cause.

The Schiff Center’s greatest need is our ongoing operational account. This fund is used for immediate and ongoing needs of the Schiff Center and its patients and allows us the flexibility to respond to unexpected needs.

Donate Today

Please click below for the center’s donation page.

Additionally, gifts can be designated for a specific purpose. There are many opportunities to support the Schiff Center such as those listed below:

Schiff Center for Liver Diseases Operational Fund

Unrestricted operational funds are needed to advance the overall clinical, educational, and research mission of the Schiff Center.

Eugene Schiff Fund for Liver Research

Cancer Research

The Schiff Center hopes to establish a presence in liver cancer research (hepatocellular carcinoma). This is a daunting task but it is one that the Schiff Center wants to address. Funds are needed to finance the investigative research activities to expand cancer research.

NASH Research

Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) is a disease that affects 2-5% of Americans. It is a silent liver disease which can have severe consequences on patients. The Schiff Center needs funding to investigate better management and detection of this disease.

Community Testing

This funding provides free community testing for hepatitis B and C at events where our volunteer students, nurses, and doctors donate their time to promote awareness of this disease. This gift covers the cost of space rental, signage, test kits, promotional gifts, drinks, and snacks for the participants and meals for the volunteers.

Naming Opportunities

There are opportunities for donors to name an office or room in our facilities and have their name displayed in the interactive wall display in the waiting room at the Schiff Center for Liver Diseases.

Research Fellowship Endowment

Funding covers investigative research activities, laboratory costs, and staff support and provides funding for the research efforts of a fellow in the Schiff Center for Liver Diseases which will advance and enhance the educational, clinical, and research efforts at the medical school.

Thank you for considering contributing to the Schiff Center’s mission to further the research and treatment of liver diseases.

If you are considering a significant investment and would like more information on how to donate, please contact Sandra Dostaler at 305-243-1020.