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Facilities and Support Services

Welcome to Facilities Operations and Planning for the University of Miami Health District!

Facilities Operations and Planning (FOP) is chiefly responsible for the sustained operation and continued maintenance of all University of Miami Health District campus buildings, grounds, utility services, and other related functions in support of the mission of the University of Miami Health System (UHealth) and Miller School of Medicine (MSOM). Furthermore, as a division, Facilities Operations and Planning (FOP) oversees holistic campus planning, regulatory compliance, capital construction, space allocation, alongside real estate asset management.

Within the health science complex, Facilities Operations and Planning currently maintain approximately 5M (million) square feet of buildings, consisting of approximately 70 acres of medical and academic grounds. Throughout South Florida, provisional oversight, and continued support of an additional 1M (million) square feet of facilities and outpatient centers, conclusively responding to more than 97,000 maintenance services requests annually. Facilities Operations and Planning, therefore, leads the way in providing a sustainable Academic Medical Center environment at UHealth/MSOM.

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This site is for use by anyone in the University of Miami Community who has a non-emergency problem on the Miller School of Medicine Campus.

Facilities Services

To support the University's facilities effectively and efficiently