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Women in Academic Medicine

Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement
The Women in Academic Medicine (WIAM) group at the Miller School ofMedicine was formally and voluntarily established in 2008. WIAM iscurrently led by Asha Pillai, M.D., WIAM President and Marilyn Huang, M.D.,WIAM Vice President. Dr. Pillai also serves as the institutionalrepresentatives for the AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science.

WIAM Objectives

  • To support and promote the career development of women faculty at the Miller School.
  • To promote clinical, scientific and teaching excellence in women faculty of the Miller School.
  • To increase the representation, participation and leadership of women in the organizational structure of the Miller School and its standing committees.
  • To promote strategies to enhance the recruitment, retention, and professional advancement (including rank, salary, appointment, promotion, and tenure) of women faculty in the Miller School.
  • To encourage social and professional relationships in order to develop leadership, advocacy, and strategic alliances for the benefit of women in medicine at Miller School.
  • To provide mentorship and support for women faculty, housestaff, and medical and graduate students at the Miller School.
  • To eliminate gender discrimination and harassment at all levels at the Miller School.
  • To create and promote a positive and healthy work environment for women.
  • To sponsor and support high-quality faculty development opportunities for women faculty within the Miller School.
  • To build a supportive community for faculty, from both within and outside the institution.
  • To develop a structured long-term women leadership development program at the Miller School that could then be expanded to all non-medical schools at the University of Miami.

For more information about WIAM, please email Janet Bringuez-Sanchez

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