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The University of Miami School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital provides clinical externships (electives) for students enrolled in medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). However, medical students at the UMSM are given first priority for all rotations. Non-UMSM students may participate in electives only if space is available. Only students who have completed all their third year clinical clerkships and are in good standing in their own medical schools will be accepted.

Students of international medical schools are not accepted for clinical externships. The UMSM has an established policy that we accept for fourth year electives on our clinical services only those students who are registered and are in good standing at LCME accredited medical schools.

Applications for electives from LCME accredited Medical Schools will only be accepted through VSAS. You will need to have a username and password, which is sent by VSAS once you are authorized by your school.

LCME medical schools are licensed and accredited medical schools in North America and Puerto Rico.

Students from non-LCME schools are accepted for clinical experiences at UMSM/JMH as observers only.

Observer only status means that the visiting student may not have any direct patient contact or be responsible for patient care. Students from international medical schools may observe on rounds, follow residents and attendings and may attend academic departmental conferences. No grades, written evaulations or certificates attesting to the fact that observer-only students have rotated at our teaching hospitals will be issued.

The University of Miami School of Medicine permits a maximum visit of 12 weeks.

Visiting medical students wishing to take an elective at the UMSM should contact the appropriate individual from the list below. A completed application with the listed supporting documents should be sent to the department to which application is made.