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Given the nature of the Medical Scholars Program (MSP) that conditionally assures accepted applicants of a place in the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, all MSP students are required to participate in a professionalism experiences during each semester after they are accepted into the MSP. Examples of professionalism experiences that will fulfill this requirement include but are not limited to: 1. Patient contact experiences gained by volunteering at local hospitals, clinics, hospices, etc. 2. Biomedical research conducted at the UMMSM or another university 3. Participation in campus or community service organizations with eventual progress into positions of leadership 4. Study abroad experiences

Experiences in which students have direct patient interactions are required, and students are expected to participate in more than ONE area of professional development as noted above. The most important thing, however is that these experiences are meaningful to the pursuit of a career in medicine. At a minimum, students are expected to participate in patient care experiences (e.g. shadowing, hospital volunteering, medical mission) for no less than a total of 100 hours throughout the undergraduate years. The additional activities as noted above, should complement involvement in patient care. Students will select activities that most address their future goals. The expectation is that during EACH semester after acceptance into the program, students will participate in an activity in one of the above categories.

Verification of Involvement

Students must provide written verification at the end of each semester, that the activity was performed and include the dates of participation. The electronic submission Form (found below) must be submitted online by the LAST DAY of each semester.

The professionalism experience is a fundamental requirement for promotion to the UMMSM. Verification will be reviewed at the end of EACH semester. Students who fail to demonstrate sufficient participation in professionalism experiences will be required to meet with the program administration and may be denied promotion to medical school and possibly dismissed from the program. Any student experiencing difficulty participating in professionalism experiences, should contact by email the MSP Program Director Dr. Marie Denise Gervais

FORM for SUBMISSION of Professionalism Experiences