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Membership in the Academy will offer faculty benefits and privileges that are designed to advance the Academy’s mission. Some benefits and opportunities for greater support and resources are directly related to membership rank while other benefits are equally available to all members.

Benefits and educational support available to members of the Academy include but are not limited to:

  • Fellowships
  • Support to attend education meetings. To complete an application click here.
  • Stipends for research and programmatic projects in biomedical education. To complete the application click here.
  • Assistance keeping educator portfolio current.
  • Networking with educators here, nationally, and internationally.
  • Faculty Scholarship Awards to obtain advanced certificates and degrees in biomedical education.

The Academy Steering Committee and the Academy Director are responsible for managing the Academy’s resources and support programs. This includes: determining the types and number of benefits available to Academy members, budgeting the funds to support these resources, establishing eligibility criteria and processes for members to access these benefits and resources, and awarding any competitive benefits or resources.