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The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the graduate student governing body at the University of Miami Graduate School. It consists of an Executive Board and a Senate that represent the Master and PhD programs at the Coral Gables, RSMAS, and Medical campuses.

The GSA meets biweekly on the Gables campus. The functions of the GSA are to:

  • protect and advocate for the civil rights, social welfare, and economic well-being of graduate students by making recommendations regarding University of Miami policies to University administration;
  • sponsor and lend its name to community-building, networking, and educational events conducted for the benefit of graduate students;
  • expend its funds appropriately for the fulfillment of graduate student needs; and
  • facilitate graduate students’ access to information regarding the resources and services available to graduate students.

For information on becoming a senator, joining or creating a student organization, or other general GSA questions, visit the GSA website at or email the GSA at