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Division of Plastic Surgery DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine University of Miami

The VEST program is available for either graduate doctors/residents, medical school students or select Allied Healthcare providers. The fees in US Dollars are as follow:

• Resident, Student, Allied Professionals: $750.00
• Practicing Plastic Surgeons: $1,000 up to 3 months
• Research scholar is for up to one year: $15,000

When a resident requests information regarding the program:

A program information sheet is sent via e-mail. This form provides the applicant with the specifics of the program as well as a personal information data sheet for completion if he or she is interested in participating in the program. At this time, we also request for them to let us know on which month they would like to participate. In this form, we also request a CV to be sent as proof of status.

Once this information is received, if the month or months that they have requested is available, we then send them a detailed formatted letter that lets them know the following:

• Due date for the program fee (due date one month prior to starting date)
• Instructions to make payment
• Legal documents required upon arrival (legal documents accepted are Passport, Visa, and proof of medical insurance).
• If month requested is not available, we advise of other months which may be available. If they can only come during the month requested, then faculty approval is required
• 2 Letters of Reference

In this letter, we also let them know that housing is not provided by the University. If they request information for housing, The Marriott Spring Hill Suites on the Medical Campus is recommended since they provide visitors to UM with a discounted rate.

Two weeks prior to the start of the VEST fellowship, a schedule is developed with the participating Plastic Surgery faculty. The monthly faculty schedule is checked for availability then an email is sent requesting approval to the faculty requesting approval for the VEST fellow to observe on their service. Once all days are confirmed, a monthly schedule is prepared for the VEST fellow. For a 2 months rotation, we will ask the participating doctor if there was a faculty member that they would like to spend more time. Every effort will be made for fellow to be assigned to that particular faculty member.

Once they arrive at our institution, the required documents are copied and sent to the appropriate security clearance department to receive approval for an ID. At this time, the schedule for the month is given to the participant as well as a map of the campus. A brief orientation of the campus is also given at this time, as well as of the Miami area. At the end of your rotation a certificate of participation in the VEST program will be prepared. The Program Director also requires a photograph be taken of him and each participant receiving VEST certificate.

VEST Training Program for Physicians

Thank you for your interest in the Division of Plastic Surgery VEST Program. There is a specific program tailored for Board Certified or practicing international plastic surgeons or preferably for those who have recently completed their specialty clinical training. This Program enables the fellow to rotate with our plastic surgery faculty. The program is offered for a period of 1–3 months and the fee is $1,000.00 (US Dollars).

During the rotation, the fellow will rotate with our plastic surgery team. The following aspects will be covered:

  • Clinical Evaluations of common and unique plastic surgery entities during observership in clinics
  • Observe a wide variety of aethetic and reconstructive surgical procedures
  • Divisional educational activities, i.e. didactic lectures, Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, research meetings, Miami Dade Plastic Surgeons meetings and others
  • Opportunity to participate in faculty mentored clinical research with potential for peer review publications and presentations

Please be informed that the program is solely an observational tutorial program which does not permit any direct patient contact or hands on work. Housing is not provided. This program is extremely popular and if you are interested, please complete the application form. Please make sure to indicate the months that you would like to attend. Provide us with your board certificate and/or completion of residency form from your home country. A picture ID and a copy of your CV and 2 letters of reference are required. You may send this information via email to Evelyn Gotera at and copy Jenny Morales at Once this is received, we will provide you with additional information on the legal documents required.

The Division of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Team is very pleased to offer you this opportunity. Please be assured you that you will have a great experience.

Application for VEST Program

Please follow the link below to fill out the application. Once completed, please e-mail to Ms. Evelyn Gotera at

VEST Application