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Fellowship Programs

Department of Neurology

A myriad of fellowship opportunities encompassing clinical care and basic and clinical research are available.

Below are the Neurology Fellowship Programs Offered

Clinical Neurophysiology (ACGME), 2 positions/year
Program Director: Dr. Basim Uthman
Associate Program Director: Dr. Melissa Fellman
Apply via application

Cognitive & Behavioral Neurology, 1 position/year
Program Director: Dr. Xiaoyan Sun
Apply via application

Epilepsy (ACGME), 2 positions/year
Program Director: Dr. Naymee Velez-Ruiz
Apply via application

Headache Medicine (UCNS), 1 position/year
Program Director: Dr. Teshamae Monteith
Apply via application

Movement Disorders, 1-2 positions/year
Program Director: Dr. Corneliu Luca
Apply via application

Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology, 1 position/year
Program Director: Dr. Kottil Rammohan
Apply via application

Neuro-Critical Care (UCNS), 2 positions/year (4 total)
Program Director: Dr. Kristine O’Phelan
Associate Program Director: Dr. Mohan Kottapally
Apply via SF Match

Neuro-Oncology (UCNS), 1 position/year
Director: Dr. Macarena De La Fuente
Apply via SF Match

Neuromuscular Medicine (ACGME), 1 position/year
Program Director: Dr. Ashok Verma
Associate Program Director: Dr. Volkan Granit
Apply via application

Sleep Medicine (ACGME), 3-4 positions/year
Program Director: Dr. Alex Abreu
Apply via ERAS

Vascular Neurology (ACGME), 3 positions/year
Program Director: Dr. Jose Romano
Associate Program Director: Dr. Amer Malik
Apply via ERAS

Apply to Neuro-ophthalmology through Ophthalmology.
Apply to Interventional Neurology through Neurosurgery.

For all other inquiries please contact UM Neurology Fellowships  or Andrea Ruiz.

For training verification please contact Jennie Miller