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The vision of the Center for Translational Sleep and Circadian Sciences (TSCS) is to serve as a collaborative learning laboratory and a university-wide resource to stimulate, support, and evaluate high-priority research in sleep and circadian sciences with a special focus on low-income and minoritized communities.

Our Mission 

The Center has a four-part mission:

  • To amplify, through core faculty, concurrent NIH-funded research in understanding the mechanisms underlying racial and ethnic disparities in cardiometabolic and brain health conditions and testing multilevel, stakeholder-engaged interventions to promote healthy aging and disease management among individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • To increase workforce diversity in STEM through training and mentorship of high school and undergraduate students. 
  • To mentor early-stage investigators who are pursuing academic careers in biomedical research from a variety of University of Miami Miller School of Medicine-based pre- and post-doctoral programs, with special effort made to enroll underrepresented minorities.
  • To improve sleep and circadian equity and disseminate evidence generated from the program to improve clinical and public health practice and solution-focused health policies.