Resident Scholarly Activity Program Publishes First Paper Outlining Scholarly Success

Members of the Miller School’s Resident Scholarly Activity Program (RSAP) have published their first paper, which appeared in February’s AAIM Perspectives, the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine’s section of the American Journal of Medicine. The paper, “Predictors of scholarly success among internal medicine residents,” outlines the program’s successful integration of research into the internal medicine residency, which enabled residents to achieve scholarly success.

The study specifically found that, since the RSAP’s 2007inception, more than 70 percent of internal medicine residents have presented their research at a national forum or published it in a peer-reviewed journal.

Under the leadership of Leonardo Tamariz, M.D., M.P.H.., and Ana Palacio, M.D., M.P.H., both associate professors of medicine, RSAP researchers collected information from 156 residents and 53 mentors.

Their study indicates that a structured research curriculum for internal medicine residents is instrumental in the successful completion of scholarly work and that the research productivity of a resident’s mentor was a significant predictor of their scholarly success.

RSAP leaders hope to enhance research curricula and faculty development programs to further successful mentoring relationships and academics.

The RSAP already has begun an internal faculty campaign to create and enhance University faculty mentorship. The program also is recruiting the brightest medical students to partner with residents – a move that is expected to not only increase the number of resident and student publications, but also to advance the University toward its goal of becoming a national research powerhouse.

Other co-authors of the study are administrative program director Deidre T. Campbell; Stephen Symes, M.D., M.P.H.., associate professor of medicine and Assistant Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs; and Mary Moore, Ph.D., professor and Chair of the Department of Health Informatics, Medical Library and Biomedical Communications.

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