Miller School’s Academy of Medical Educators Holds Inaugural Meeting

The Miller School’s Academy of Medical Educators held its inaugural meeting and orientation on March 26, attracting about 75 faculty members who came to learn more about the mission and membership of the organization established last fall to recognize and reward teaching faculty, and nurture junior teaching faculty into well-rounded experts.

At the meeting, held in the fourth-floor auditorium of the Rosenstiel Medical Science Building, faculty members heard from guest speaker Daniel D. Federman, M.D., the Carl W. Walter Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Medical Education at Harvard Medical School, and a pioneer and authority on medical school academies, already launched by approximately 40 other well-known medical schools.

“It was great to have Dr. Federman address our academy with his words of wisdom and experience,’’ said Mark O’Connell, M.D., senior associate dean for educational development and senior advisor to the Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean. “Our academy has the potential to change the education culture at the Miller School. By supporting and promoting our educator faculty, everyone wins – not just the students and residents, but most importantly, our patients and society. At the end of the day, medical education is about producing better graduates who can best meet the health needs of society.”

The academy evolved from discussions initiated by O’Connell, Laurence B. Gardner, M.D., executive dean for education and policy, and Richard Tiberius, Ph.D., director of the Miller School’s educational development office.

Last week’s forum also gave the academy’s principal developers the opportunity to seek input from faculty on what they considered important issues, as well as their suggestions for the academy’s growth, and the selection of its leadership body.

The academy’s official mission is supporting the University and the Miller School’s educational mission by fostering excellence in teaching, improving curriculum, advancing educational scholarship, and facilitating appropriate reward, recognition and academic promotion for faculty educators. It is now accepting membership applications for one of three tiers: associate, fellow and master.

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