Miller School Student Wins Award from Florida Board of Medicine

Lindsey Finch, a fourth-year student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has received the Chair’s Recognition Award from the Florida Board of Medicine. The award recognizes third- and fourth-year students at Florida medical schools who “exemplify the professionalism, moral character, compassion and intellect essential to a future leader of the medical profession.” The student should be someone whose peers and faculty respect as an outstanding physician-to-be.

Finch’s interest in medicine dates back to high school, when she lived and worked as an assistant to a physician in a rural community in Ecuador. Although she initially decided to pursue a career in law after college, she never lost her passion for medicine. While spending five years practicing corporate law in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York, she began volunteering with survivors of intimate partner violence in her free time.

“I realized that I was more interested in working with this population from a clinical rather than a legal perspective,” she said. “When my husband’s job relocated from New York to Miami six years ago, I had an excellent opportunity to pursue a second career in medicine. I took all of the pre-medical requirements at the University of Miami and was thrilled to be accepted to medical school at the Miller School. Being able to pursue a career in medicine at this stage in my life is an absolute dream come true for me, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity.”

In addition to her academic, clinical and research activities, Finch has been active in a number of service and volunteer organizations, including the Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Department of Community Service (DOCS), the Wellness Advisory Council, the Reproductive Health Advocacy Program, the American Medical Women’s Association (Miller School chapter), the Safespace Foundation, and the University of Miami Sexual Assault Resources Team.

Finch was nominated by Miller School Dean Henri R. Ford, M.D., MHA, with support from all of the medical education deans.

“I was so surprised to receive this incredible award,” she said. “For me, every day in medical school has truly been a gift, and I have tried my best to make the most of every opportunity here. I have loved every aspect of my medical school experience thus far, from learning the basic sciences and helping to run one of our free clinics in the first two years to the incredible clinical experiences I have had in the third, and now fourth, year. I am so grateful for the constant support and inspiration that I have received from the faculty and students at the Miller School. I am absolutely humbled and honored to have received this recognition.”

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