It’s Flu Season Again — Time to Get Your Flu Shot

The Influenza season is here again! An essential component of UHealth’s patient-focused culture is preventing illness in every way possible. Getting the flu shot is an excellent way of protecting our patients, our families and ourselves.

UHealth has an official influenza vaccination policy that requires all designated health care workers to be vaccinated. The policy covers everyone in UHealth hospitals and community-based clinics, as well as those in roles (clinical or non-clinical) with regular patient contact. More specific requirements by each facility can be found at the flu vaccine website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an annual influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months and older. Therefore, whether they are required to be vaccinated or not as part of their job duties, all employees are encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves as well as others.

The vaccine is free and is widely available at these sites, as well as at the Benefits Fair in October. A short sleeve shirt or blouse should be worn, as the vaccine is given in the upper arm.

Employees who receive the flu vaccine from other facilities or health care providers (HCP), such as the VA hospital, JMH, UM HCP, personal health care provider, CVS or Walgreens, should upload their flu vaccine documentation to prior to Thursday, November 1.

Information for those requesting Medical or Religious exemptions is available at the flu vaccine website. Employees who have received a “permanent” medical exemption do not have to reapply; those who received a “temporary” medical exemption or a religious exemption last year are required to reapply this year. The deadline to apply for either a Medical or Religious exemption is Thursday, October 4.

The deadline for getting the flu shot is Thursday, November 1.

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