Hearing Loss Prevention Promoted at Ultra Music Festival by UHealth Ear Institute

The UHealth Ear Institute made its debut at the Ultra Music Festival as part of the event’s wellness initiative for hearing conservation. UHealth audiologists Tricia Scaglione, Au.D., Dana Libman, Au.D., Brianna Kuzbyt, Au.D., Victoria Ledon, Au.D., and audiology fellow Corey Stoelb were on site each day to educate attendees about continuous over-exposure to loud noise that can lead to hearing loss and Tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

UHealth met one-on-one and in groups with members of the production crew, which included sound engineers and light controllers who work year round at these types of music festivals. The doctors also met with emergency responders from City of Miami Fire-Rescue and the Miami Police Department.

“While we anticipated most attendees would not bring their own hearing protection to Ultra,” said Scaglione, “we were shocked to find that the majority of police officers, fire rescue personnel and event crew working the event did not have any form of hearing protection.”

Ultra staff and first responders spread the word that UHealth was available to address their hearing protection. UHealth audiologists took ear impressions for custom ear plug orders, which was made possible through UHealth’s partnership with Sensaphonics Inc.

“The sound engineers and visual effect specialists we met with said they have been wanting hearing tests and custom devices, such as in-ear monitors or custom filtered musician ear plugs. However, their rigorous schedules prevented them from making the necessary appointments,” Scaglione said. “Many of these individuals took the opportunity to have custom products made at our tent in the Ultra Eco Village. Their devices will be shipped to them at their next festival site.”

“We were pleased to be partnering with UHealth to raise awareness of hearing wellness at Ultra Fest,” said Michael Santucci, CEO of Sensaphonics. “A long EDM show is a lot of fun, and we were excited to show music fans how to use smart listening strategies and hearing protection to actually extend their festival experience without injuring their hearing. Because if you keep your hearing health, you get a lifetime of music enjoyment.”

The Ultra Music Festival features three days of seven stages simultaneously showcasing top DJs from around the world. It brings in several hundred thousand international attendees who are exposed to long hours of music at high volumes that, if not protected against, could result in a form of hearing loss. Ultra’s wellness initiative took a proactive approach to remind everyone not only to enjoy the festival, but also to respect their hearing with the slogan “Protect today so you can hear tomorrow.”

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