Fall 2011 Emergency Notification Network Test

In honor of National Preparedness Month, the University of Miami will conduct a full scale test of its Emergency Notification Network (ENN) sometime during the week of September 26. The test will take place at an undisclosed date and time between Monday, September 26, and Friday, September 30. The intent is to create a realistic test of the physical and electronic systems, as well as the active roles of personnel. All messages sent as part of this test will clearly indicate that it is a test.

Please note that office phones will not be a part of the test due to the impact it would have on University operations. In addition, the outdoor emergency notification sirens will be a part of the test; however, they are only located on the Coral Gables campus at this time and only designed to be heard by individuals who are outside buildings.

Please take the time to check your contact information on MyUM as ENN messages will be sent to every member of the University community who has registered their personal contact information on MyUM. Please confirm that your MyUM information is registered and up to date. Individuals who have not registered or have out-of-date information on MyUM will not receive any phone or email based ENN messages.

A full explanation of the ENN system, frequently asked questions, and step-by-step registration directions are available on the ENN website. Information also is available on the Emergency Preparedness website. All messages sent as part of this exercise will clearly indicate that it is a test. Please assist the University in spreading the word about this test.

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