Elaine Van der Put Appointed to New Roles at the Miller School/UHealth

Elaine Van der Put, Ph.D., has been promoted to Chief Planning and Marketing Officer and Associate Vice President for Planning and Marketing, as well as Senior Associate Dean for Administration for the Miller School and UHealth – University of Miami Health System.

The new positions are designed to draw further on Dr. Van der Put’s extensive international corporate marketing and strategic management experience as well as her scientific background, and significantly expand her current efforts in strategic planning, marketing and administration. Before earning a doctorate in immunology at the Miller School and joining the Department of Medicine faculty, Dr. Van der Put held senior executive positions in marketing, market research, strategic planning and financial management for multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola and IBM in Brazil.

In her role as Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Dr. Van der Put will be expanding the chief of staff role of managing the operations and processes in the office of the Dean. Her scope also includes high-level faculty and staff recruitment, leadership metric development and measurement, and managing the in-and-out flow between the Dean’s office and the central administrative functions of Miller School departments, institutes and centers, as well as UM leadership.

“As we advance the Miller School and UHealth, we know that having the right people to carry out our mission is crucial,” said Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Miller School, and CEO of UHealth. “With Elaine in these new positions, our school and health system will benefit immensely from her solid experience, her first-rate management skills, and her smart and sound planning capabilities developed in several international companies.”

In addition to her administrative duties, Dr. Van der Put will continue to lead the Office of Planning and Analysis as part of her larger role as Chief Planning and Marketing Officer and Associate Vice President for Planning and Marketing. She will work with Dean Goldschmidt and William J. Donelan, Vice President for Medical Administration and Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, to lead the health system’s programmatic development to assure integration of the Miller School’s mission. As such, she will coordinate the development of new programs and recruitment packages, business development and assessment, and practice integration and development.

In her Chief Marketing Officer role, Dr. Van der Put will be responsible for the overall marketing strategy and branding integrity for all of UHealth, including market assessment, analysis, and forecasting. Joanne Leahy, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, will continue to lead advertising and promotional efforts for UHealth system-wide and will be a critical member of the marketing leadership team. Marketing staff in departments and centers will also have a key role in the transformation of the UHealth marketing strategy. In this role, Dr. Van der Put will work closely with William O’Neill, M.D., Executive Dean for Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for UHealth, as he continues as medical advisor for the promotion of UHealth clinical services.

“I am appreciative that Dean Goldschmidt has entrusted me with duties that are vital for our health system to continue to grow and flourish in the region and internationally, while successfully serving the many populations that depend on us for education and health care,” said Dr. Van der Put. “I am excited about the opportunity to fully leverage my past corporate experience and scientific training to serve the Miller School and UHealth.”

Dr. Van der Put also holds a B.S. in mathematics and an M.S. in industrial engineering from Catholic University, Brazil, and is receiving a master’s degree in public health at the Miller School.

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