ECHO Director Recognized by Florida Academy of Audiology

For her tireless commitment to helping children with hearing loss, Kari Morgenstein, Au.D., assistant professor of otolaryngology, recently received the Gail Gegg Rosenberg Award from the Florida Academy of Audiology.

The award, presented at the Academy’s annual convention August 7-9 in Fort Myers, recognizes a pediatric audiologist in an educational, research or clinical setting who exemplifies exceptional commitment and service to the pediatric population.

“I strongly believe that every child, no matter their situation, deserves the opportunity to be successful and reach their full potential,” said Morgenstein, who for the past year has served as Director of the University of Miami Ear Institute’s Early Childhood Hearing Options program, which is a newly developed program whose vision is to become a multidisciplinary center that provides treatment and support to children with hearing loss and their families.

Gail Gegg Rosenberg, who died in 2010, was a revered Sarasota pediatric and educational audiologist. Part of her work focused on improving classroom acoustics and the outcomes on student listening.

Similar to Rosenberg, Morgenstein has been a local trailblazer in giving children with hearing loss greater options for care and support.

“People explained to me how passionate Ms. Rosenberg was about children, her selfless acts, and how caring she was as a friend and co-worker,” said Morgenstein. “I am honored to follow her legacy and I am truly grateful to be associated with such a compassionate and successful pediatric audiologist.”

Fred Telischi, M.D., M.E.E., professor and Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology, said of Morgenstein, “She tackles stubborn problems in a straightforward and efficient manner, always looking for solutions with patients’ interest as the first priority. She has actively sought out opportunities to promote hearing healthcare for children in our community by visiting and educating newborn screening centers and practitioners.”

Morgenstein was asked to serve as ECHO’s Director just three months after joining the University of Miami’s Ear Institute as a faculty member in August 2013. She has been an important addition to the Ear Institute pediatric team and continues her efforts in fundraising for the pediatric programs, developing new programming and events, and working to make the Ear Institute clinic welcoming and helpful for children with hearing loss and their families.

This recent award adds to her many accolades and accomplishments in her young career.

A past president of the National Student Academy of Audiology, Morgenstein has already published numerous articles, and is a fellow of the IDA Institute, Hearing Co-Operation.

As part of her early work with children with hearing loss, she volunteered at the World Special Olympic Games in Greece, where she helped provide hearing screening and hearing aid fittings to Special Olympians from around the world.

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