Dr. Enrique Ginzburg Named Vice Chair of Florida Board of Medicine

Enrique Ginzburg, M.D., professor of surgery, Chief of Surgery at University of Miami Hospital and Trauma Medical Director at Jackson South Community Hospital, has been named Vice Chair of the Florida Board of Medicine. Ginzburg was appointed to the board by Florida Governor Rick Scott in 2013, and the board recently selected Ginzburg to serve as Vice Chair. The Florida Board of Medicine plays a leading role in keeping the citizens of Florida safe in the ever-changing health care environment through dialogue with the public, the legislature, academia and the medical community.

Since he joined the board, Ginzburg and his colleagues have been able to achieve three important objectives: promoting rules allowing physicians to communicate with patients using telemedicine, creating awareness that had a major impact on the over-prescription of opioid medications by physicians for financial gain, and disseminating recommendations to make office surgery safer for patients in Florida.

“Looking ahead to my term as Vice Chair, I will work toward passing legislation that will allow academic medical centers to perform lifesaving research when patients are unable to provide informed consent,” Ginzburg said. “This is especially important in trauma cases where extraordinary interventions are often necessary.

“It is a great privilege and opportunity as a member of the University of Miami faculty to serve as Vice Chair of the Florida Board of Medicine as one of the few university-based academic physicians. As physicians at an academic medical center, my colleagues and I are able to serve on boards and impact our profession in a way that we couldn’t achieve in private practice. This is one of the big benefits of working at this institution.”

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