Diabetes Researcher Honored by JDRF

Alberto Pugliese, M.D., head of the Immunogenetics Program at the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, has accepted the JDRF Mary Tyler Moore and S. Robert Levine Excellence in Clinical Research Award on behalf of the JDRF Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors with Diabetes (nPOD). Joined by his nPOD Co-Director Mark Atkinson, Ph.D., from the University of Florida, Pugliese traveled to Los Angeles to receive the award at the JDRF International Board of Directors meeting.

“It was a tremendous honor to be recognized by JDRF for the hard work of the more than 200 investigators who collaborate in nPOD,” Pugliese said. “As Co-Director, I’ve watched the network evolve over the past few years, growing in the number of participants and projects. It’s been inspiring to see how collaborative versus competitive research can build relationships and speed up science, more quickly bringing treatment options and someday a cure to those battling Type 1 diabetes (T1D).”

The Mary Tyler Moore and S. Robert Levine Excellence in Clinical Research Award was given to Pugliese, Atkinson and his nPOD colleagues for their pioneering efforts in creating and leveraging a clinical research resource that has provided insights into the history and pathogenesis of T1D. JDRF went on to say that data from nPOD has changed thinking about the disease, its research and the culture of data sharing by providing pancreatic tissue samples to more than 140 research projects across 17 countries.

The award, which specifically recognizes outstanding clinical and translational T1D research, is named in honor of JDRF’s international chairman, Mary Tyler Moore, who has T1D, and her husband, Robert Levine, M.D., for their extraordinary commitment to JDRF’s mission.

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