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Dr. Barth Green to Dedicate the Miller School’s Hospital in Haiti and Plan for Reconstruction 01.29.2010

Barth Green, M.D., was expected to return to Haiti early Saturday with former U.S. Army General Wesley Clark, famed Miami architect Andres Duany and retired Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning to officially dedicate the Miller School's hospital for earthquake survivors.

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Volunteers Begin Five-Day Deployments as Routine Takes Shape at the University’s Hospital in Haiti 01.27.2010

The first planeload of volunteers to deploy for five days was scheduled to arrive at the Miller School’s hospital in Haiti this evening, bringing the skills and energy of more nurses, orthopaedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists and a desperately needed psychiatrist to the ever-expanding mission to aid earthquake survivors.

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As Needs Grow, Volunteers with the Miller School’s Mission in Haiti to Make Longer Commitment 01.26.2010

To improve continuity of care, medical volunteers heading to Haiti to work in the Miller School’s rapid response hospital or elsewhere are being asked to serve at least five days. By mid-February, they may be asked to stay at least a week.

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Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Signs Executive Order to Help Haitian Nurses Volunteer at the Miller 01.25.2010

Hoping to smooth the way for more South Florida nurses, particularly those at the Miller School and Jackson Memorial Hospital, to help earthquake survivors in Haiti, Florida Governor Charlie Crist on Monday signed an executive order allowing licensed nurses from other states to work in Florida for the next three months.

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Conditions Improve but Challenges Remain as the Miller School Opens a 240-Bed Hospital in Haiti 01.22.2010

Adult and child patients now rest in separate and more spacious wards, their flimsy cots no longer crammed tight. Two operating rooms boast anesthesia machines and surgical lights. A pathology lab is opening and, finally, an imaging center is enabling orthopedic surgeons to quit repairing shattered bones with visual inspections and touch alone.

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Miller School’s 240-Bed Tent Hospital Readies to Open Amid More Aftershocks in a Ravished Haiti 01.20.2010

Unaffected by the 6.1-magnitude aftershock that terrorized Haiti anew this morning, UM’s facilities crew raced to complete the Miller School’s 240-bed hospital so desperately needed to care for the wounded in the shattered capital.

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Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., Returns from Haiti Inspired by Miller School Efforts 01.19.2010

Dean Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., returned to Miami from the capital of Haiti Monday evening deeply moved by the efforts of the Miller School force, more than 100 strong, which continues to work tirelessly to save survivors of the catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake.

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Miller School Volunteers Will Continue Their Life-Saving Mission in a New Tent Hospital 01.19.2010

Just a week after arriving in the demolished Haitian capital, the Miller School is ready to open a temporary 240-plus bed hospital at the edge of the international airport, expanding the urgent care center the University established a day after the Jan. 12 earthquake left hundreds of thousands injured and the impoverished nation in ruins.

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Under Tough Conditions, Miller School Physicians Continue Medical Relief Efforts in Haiti 01.18.2010

Nearly a week after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, Miller School doctors, among the first responders to rush to the nation in need, are still there treating hundreds of the injured and the saving the lives of some of the sickest patients.

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Study Shows GHRH-Agonists Can Activate Cardiac Repair After Myocardial Infarction 01.18.2010

Despite major therapeutic advances, congestive heart failure remains a leading cause of death and disability. There is currently no therapy that fully reverses heart failure and/or left ventricular (LV) dysfunction, leaving physicians with a great need for viable treatments.

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