2015 Regional Campus Paff Awards Ceremony Honors Faculty and Residents

Deans, faculty and students representing the Miller School of Medicine’s regional medical campus gathered on April 8 for the second annual Regional Campus Paff Awards Ceremony. The event, which was organized and hosted by the regional campus student government, recognizes faculty members and residents contributing to the education of students in the dual-degree M.D./M.P.H. program.

The award ceremony honors the late anatomy professor George Paff, Ph.D., who is remembered for his eccentric and unique abilities to help teach students. Thirteen awards were handed out at this year’s ceremony.

Third-year M.D./M.P.H. student Bradford Hastings, who helped organize the event, said it “provided an amazing opportunity to thank our wonderful regional campus faculty, deans and staff members.”

Among the award recipients were Lisa C. Martinez, M.D., for Internal Medicine Preceptor; John Corbitt Jr., M.D., for Surgery Preceptor; and Stephen Livingston, M.D., for OB/GYN Preceptor. Stefanie Furlan, D.O., M.P.H., and Marcus Eby, M.D., received awards for outstanding medicine resident and surgery resident, respectively.

The ceremony also featured the Dr. James Byrnes Award, named for the late Dr. Byrnes, who served as the clerkship director for the Department of Family Medicine from 2009-2013 on the regional campus. The award recognizes an individual who exhibits the qualities of passion, humility, loyalty, integrity and dedication. This year’s recipient was Daniel M. Lichtstein, M.D., professor of medicine and Regional Dean for Medical Education.

“The Regional Medical Campus George Paff Awards ceremony honored many of the outstanding individuals who contribute consistently to the education of our third- and fourth-year M.D./M.P.H. students,” said Lichtstein. “Congratulations to all of the recipients, and thank you to each and every one of our faculty, community preceptors and staff for your commitment and dedication to our students.”

A Paff award was also given to Caridad Center as an outstanding community partner.

Organizers of the event included Bradford Hastings, Tonia Branche, Stephanie Blankenship, Jamie Diamond and Edward Gayou from the regional campus student government, and Academic Societies Directors Matt Cagliostro and Jillian Halper.

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