Haiti Relief: Volunteer in Haiti


There is still a need for surgeons, anesthesiologists, specialists in infectious disease, internal and family medicine, as well as surgical care, critical care, prenatal and neonatal care and general nurses, especially those fluent in Creole. If you are willing and able to assist in Haiti and have not yet submitted your volunteer contact information, please fill out the volunteer sign-up form. If you already have submitted your volunteer contact information, there is no need for further action.

We are now requiring every volunteer to pay a $300.00 tax-deductible fee to help offset the costs of our operation. We no longer have the use of private aircrafts and now rely on commercial airlines. This fee will help offset the costs of our operation and enable us to continue our much needed work at Bernard Mevs Project Medishare Hospital, which is currently Haiti’s only critical care and trauma hospital.

All perspective volunteers should review the CDC’s Guidance for Relief Workers and Others Traveling to Haiti for Earthquake Response.

Please remember that University leave policies and processes will apply for faculty and staff who wish to volunteer for Haiti relief efforts. Faculty and staff who wish to be considered for volunteering can use accrued vacation leave and/or available floating holidays (UMH staff can use PTO).

In addition, faculty and staff must first obtain approval from their supervisor for a specific leave period. For those who are approved for leave to volunteer but do not have sufficient leave to cover their absence, our donation-of-leave policy can be considered. Questions about leave policies regarding this matter should be directed to the following: UMH staff should contact Errol Douglas at 305-689-5613; other medical school faculty and staff should contact Maria Muniz at 305-243-6501.