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HR Staff Policy Update Series

Human Resources has updated the Employment Separations, Eligibility for Rehire, and Discipline policies. The Employment Separations Policy outlines the procedures for managing voluntary and involuntary separations, considerations for re-employment at the University, and the payment of accrued vacation balances. The Eligibility for Rehire Policy states that former employees may be considered for re-employment at the University if their last performance appraisal reflected a rating of “Meets Standards/Performance Expectations Met” or higher, and at least 12 months have passed between their date of separation and date of application. The Discipline Policy is a new policy designed to provide guidelines for supervisors when needing to address misconduct and/or behaviors that conflict with the University’s Values and Behaviors. If you have any questions, please contact your human resources representative at Coral Gables/RSMAS or the Miller School of Medicine.