Office of the Dean

Dean's Message 7.05.2017

I am tremendously excited to be joining the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine!

I’d like to offer some insight into who I am, what motivates me, and the vision that inspired me to accept the honor of serving as your Dean of this great medical school. I am driven by a passion to make a true difference in our understanding, prevention, and treatment of disease. The reason that I accepted the privilege of this position is that I believe that all of the critical components necessary to transform and define the future of medicine are here at the Miller School. This passion will guide me as I seek to understand the legacy and accomplishments of this organization, and as we work together to build for the future.

There are wonderful resources here, especially our faculty, students, trainees, and staff, which have established the Miller School as a pre-eminent academic institution, internationally recognized for its quality, impact, and innovation in research, education, and clinical care. A central goal moving forward is to build on our existent strengths and to develop new ones so that we can lead in transforming health care in South Florida, the region, and beyond.

These are challenging times, with concerns about research funding and a changing environment of reimbursement for clinical services. To address these headwinds, we have to work as a team and use our resources wisely. We must ensure that our operations are efficient and responsive, and serve our faculty and community well. Our investments need to be strategic and focused, to facilitate realization of our shared goal of true excellence in all of our core missions.

Over the coming days and weeks, I plan to meet with all of our chairs, center and institute directors, departmental faculty, students, and staff. These meetings will be in the spaces where you work and will be focused on hearing your vision for the Miller School, including what impedes the accomplishment of that vision. Regular communication and transparency are of fundamental importance to me, and I am fully available for input and dialogue by email, phone, and in-person. It is essential that we develop a shared vision for our future, and doing so will require frank and honest discussion.

My plan is to listen to ensure my understanding before I exert influence, respect your culture, honor your legacy, and strategically contribute to what will drive the success of our future mission together.

My commitment is to be open to influence and integrate what I come to understand into a thoughtful approach to moving forward. While I have much to learn about our institution, a number of goals are already apparent:

  • Optimization of administrative structures
  • Transparency of finances
  • Development of sustainable mechanisms to support our research, clinical, and educational missions
  • Continuing innovation in medical education

I look forward to working with you on our journey toward achieving these shared objectives and being a transformational leader in defining the future of medicine. Your involvement, contributions, and vision are deeply appreciated. It is a true honor to be given the opportunity to serve as your Dean and I welcome your partnership as we move forward together.

Edward Abraham, M.D.
Dean and Chief Academic Officer