About Miller: 5 to Thrive

Launch of 5 to Thrive

Dear Colleagues,

Our medical enterprise holds enormous potential across the spectrum of our missions – in teaching the next generation of providers, discovering new therapies and delivering world-class care to our patients. In order to fulfill this promise, we must set clear goals for ourselves as individuals, teams, and as a system.

It is now time for us to move forward and to take the steps necessary to realize our tremendous potential in this dynamic and changing health care environment. I’m very excited to announce that we are embarking on a transformative mission to optimize patient access and experience, ensure that our medical center is a great place to work, and facilitate our continued growth and success. After close and careful examination, we have identified five key areas and goals that, when achieved, will position us to become a truly preeminent academic health system for the 21st century.

Because these goals will facilitate the foundation required to allow us to reach our full potential, we call this initiative the “5 to Thrive.” Here are the five key goals we have laid out for ourselves.

SERVICE – Service, particularly providing outstanding care to our patients, is our No. 1 priority. However, it is not enough to provide great medical care. We must create a patient experience that is so outstanding our patients will not go anywhere else. This starts from the very first phone call, and continues to clinic scheduling and function, and then all the way through the bill payment process. Our processes and patient experience must match our outstanding medical care. We will work so that the likelihood that our patients will recommend our clinics and inpatient facilities to family and friends is in the top 25 percent of health systems.

QUALITY – Our medical care is excellent, but we must continuously improve across a variety of metrics. From length of stay to readmission and infection rates, we are always aiming for the very top. We will be taking steps to improve our quality of care metrics by 30 percent.

GROWTH – A central part of our mission is to deliver outstanding care to more people across South Florida. That means growing as a health care system by improving patient access across every service line. Our survey data indicates that patients are extremely happy with the high quality of care provided by our physicians, but they demand convenience and timely access to UHealth physicians – often within 7 – 14 days – and sooner when clinically appropriate. We plan to implement measures that will allow us to increase the average monthly number of new patient visits by at least 3 percent.

FINANCE – It is no secret that our financial performance requires improvement in order for us to continue to grow. By doing so, we create resources that allow us to invest in our faculty, staff, infrastructure, research, educational endeavors, and clinical programs that ultimately serve our patients. To facilitate these strategies and ensure a sustainable financial foundation, we will generate an operating margin of at least 2 percent.

PEOPLE – There is no question that the above goals cannot be realized without you, our faculty and staff. That is why we are making this a key pillar of improvement. Each of you brings unmatched expertise, compassion and drive to your job. We intend to build a work environment that makes UHealth an employer of choice in our community.

These are all critically important goals that will require our collective commitment in order to meet the challenges ahead. You will be hearing a lot more about each of these “5 to Thrive” goals and how we will reach them in the near future by adopting a culture of continuous performance improvement. Our objective is to attain these goals by the end of May 2020, in approximately two years.

All of us need to be involved in this process. It will require collaboration, open communication, and much hard work. I know that we have the ability, working together toward our shared mission, to accomplish these tasks. Please join me in this journey that will sustain our medical enterprise and more importantly, serve our patients, for decades to come.

Edward Abraham, M.D.
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
CEO, UHealth
Dean and Chief Academic Officer
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine