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Coleen Atkins, Ph.D., and W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D.

Coleen Atkins, Ph.D., and W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D.

Scientists Awarded $2 Million to Treat Cognitive Dysfunction After Brain Injury

W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D., Scientific Director of The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Kinetic Concepts Distinguished Chair in Neurosurgery, and Coleen Atkins, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurological surgery, have been awarded a $2 million, five-year grant by the National Institutes of Health to further develop a promising compound that could potentially help millions suffering from brain injury regain cognitive function.

The grant is a collaboration with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, West Virginia University and Tetra Discovery Partners, a pharmaceutical company based in Michigan.

With the grant, the researchers will develop a phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzyme inhibitor drug patented by Dietrich, Atkins, and Mark Gurney from Tetra Discovery Partners. Called compound A33, the drug is being tested for the treatment of chronic cognitive deficits resulting from traumatic brain injury.

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Adrian S. Ishkanian, M.D.

Researchers Develop More Accurate Test for Predicting Prostate Cancer Recurrence Risk

Researchers at cancer centers in Canada, the United Kingdom and the U.S., including the Miller School of Medicine’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, have developed a breakthrough diagnostic test to identify which men are most likely to have a recurrence of prostate cancer after localized treatment with surgery or radiotherapy.

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Claes Wahlestedt, M.D., Ph.D.

Renowned Neuropsychiatric Researcher Receives Distinguished Investigator Grant

Claes Wahlestedt, M.D., Ph.D., Leonard M. Miller professor and vice chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and Associate Dean for Therapeutic Innovation, is one of 15 researchers nationally to receive a Distinguished Investigator Grant from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation.

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Johanna Kreafle

Miller Student Receives AMA Recognition for Patient Education Initiative

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine student Johanna Kreafle recently won an American Medical Association poster competition for a novel program she co-founded that educates patients about their health in the waiting room as part of their doctor visits.

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From left, Alejandro Caicedo, Ph.D., Per-Olof Berggren, Ph.D., and Midhat Abdulreda, Ph.D.

Young Blood Vessels Give New Life to Aging Islets, Researchers Find

A team of international researchers, led by investigators at the Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Medicine and Diabetes Research Institute (DRI), has found that young capillary vessels can rejuvenate aged pancreatic islets. The study finding is significant because it suggests that targeting inflammation and fibrosis in the small blood vessels of the islet may offer new treatment options for type 2 diabetes.

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Thomas A. McGrath, M.B.A.

An Adventurous New COO Takes the Reins at UHealth

Thomas Allan McGrath, M.B.A., sits in his office sporting a necktie with a jaunty DNA double helix. It spirals down from the knot at his throat, gradually unwinding as the tie widens, until it splits into two separate strands near the bottom. It’s a fashion statement, to be sure, but it’s also thematically appropriate for the new Chief Operating Officer of UHealth.

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